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Bank Austria offers KlimaKredit with UmweltBonus

  • UmweltBonus for financing environmentally sound refurbishment projects
  • The bonus amounts to up to EUR 600 depending on the energy efficiency class in the energy performance certificate

Starting immediately, Bank Austria is offering a KlimaKredit loan with an UmweltBonus for retail banking customers and in this way helping to finance environmentally sound refurbishment and renovation projects. "With the KlimaKredit and the associated UmweltBonus, we are offering an opportunity to save money and make a contribution to environmental and climate protection," emphasises Ralph Müller, the member of Bank Austria's Management Board responsible for retail banking. Customers who take out a KlimaKredit by the end of April this year will be eligible for the Bank Austria UmweltBonus, amounting to up to EUR 600. The amount of the bonus depends on the property's future energy efficiency class as listed in its energy performance certificate. The better the rating, the higher the UmweltBonus will be.

The energy performance certificate was introduced at the beginning of this year and provides information about how many kilowatt hours of energy a property requires per square metre annually. Energy consumption is categorised into nine energy efficiency classes, from A++, the most environmentally friendly, to G, the worst class. For a rating of A++, the Bank Austria UmweltBonus amounts to EUR 600; for A+, it is EUR 500; for A, EUR 400; for B, EUR 300 and for the energy efficiency rating C, EUR 200. The KlimaKredit can also be combined with government assistance for housing construction. Financing is in euro, and repayment is made in fixed instalments. The capital and interest are paid back at the same time. Borrowers can choose between fixed, variable and indicator-based (EURIBOR) interest rates. The term is 25 years. The amount of the loan depends on the value of the property and the borrower's income.

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