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Bank Austria supports qualification project for young people

  • Handing over of the key to first-time employees by Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner and Bank Austria Chairman of the Management Board Willibald Cernko
  • Furthermore, Bank Austria is increasing its commitment by introducing the “Best Start” job initiative and hiring 200 more apprentices

The objective of the charity campaign by Bank Austria in connection with the 2009 KünstlerSparbuch savings book was to increase mobility for the young participants of the “space!lab” project. For each KünstlerSparbuch savings book opened, Bank Austria donated 50 cents. Thanks to the donations, a van could be acquired which helps young people to get to their workplaces. In the course of the “space!lab” job project, 15- to 24-year-olds are not only trained in skilled work, but also have the opportunity to put their skills to use on the spot, for example in the upkeep of public parks and gardens or the renovation of sports facilities and schools. Furthermore, team and conflict skills are trained in order to prepare them in the best possible way for entering the job market. The project is carried out by the WUK Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus association in cooperation with the Volkshilfe Beschäftigung employment initiative and financed by the City of Vienna and the public employment service AMS. Further information is provided on www.space-lab.at.

“Promoting space!lab is a crucial part of our labour market initiatives for young people,” explains Renate Brauner, deputy major and city councillor for finance of Vienna, “with space!lab, we are supporting young people who are looking for orientation in their jobs and education. The project is ideal for this objective, because it is based on the needs and skills of young people. We are delighted that a company like Bank Austria is appreciating the value of the project. Thanks to the great vehicle, the young participants of space!lab will be able to deal with orders that require transport of larger tools in the future.”

“Being the largest bank of the country, Bank Austria is aware of its social responsibility. One of the major challenges in the currently difficult economic situation is to help young people achieve good qualifications and enter the job market. We are contributing to this objective by supporting “space!lab” on the one hand, and by launching our “Best Start” initiative on the other hand. In the course of the initiative, we are creating 200 new training jobs for young first-time employees,” Bank Austria Chairman of the Management Board Willibald Cernko said.

Best Start project – 200 new jobs for first-time employees
Against the background of the continuing financial and economic crisis, Bank Austria considers it to be very important to help young people enter the job market. Therefore, Bank Austria is launching a training initiative for young people. In the course of the “Best Start” initiative, 200 new long-term training jobs for apprentices, high school graduates and university graduates have been created since the middle of November. The new employees will be chosen in several tranches, with the last round expected to take place in autumn 2011. Investment for the “Best Start” project amounts to approximately EUR10m.

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