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EK Fin invests in Forstinger

  • EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG (EK Fin) acquires a minority interest in Forstinger Handel und Service GmbH.
  • Plans to sustainably modernise the company and strengthen its sales and distribution structures together with the previous owners.

EK Fin has acquired a minority interest in Forstinger Handel und Service GmbH. The former sole shareholder, Better Place, will retain the remaining shares.

Together with the previous sole shareholder, EK Fin will launch an ambitious modernisation and expansion programme to strengthen the company’s market position and increase its earning power. “Our stake in Forstinger will allow us to help shape the strategic re-orientation of an attractive, medium-sized company and to tap its existing growth potential,” said Bernd Lechner, a member of the Management Board at EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG, describing EK Fin’s latest investment.

Wolfram Themmer, the head of Forstinger’s Supervisory Board, expects the new shareholder to provide an important boost to the company: “The fact that one of the leading Austrian private equity funds has invested in the company is proof of its excellent growth and earnings potential and will make a decisive contribution to further strengthening the market’s confidence in Forstinger. This, in turn, will make it much easier to modernise the company and to strengthen its sales and distribution structures, thus facilitating the company’s sustainable expansion.”

EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG
EK Fin is one of the leading Austrian private equity funds. Its assets under management amount to EUR 50 million. The core shareholder is Bank Austria. EK Fin finances corporate expansions, acquisitions, management buy-outs and buy-ins. It acquires shares generally ranging from 10 to 49 per cent with investments of between €1.5 million and €7.0 million.

EK Fin receives support from BA Private Equity GmbH. In concrete terms, BA Private Equity GmbH is responsible for marketing and controlling and ensures that the company takes advantage of all the opportunities offered by UniCredit Group as a banking network.
BA Private Equity GmbH also supports Mezzanin Finanzierungs AG (www.mezz.at).

Better Place is a holding company made up of Austrian entrepreneurs, and it acquired Forstinger in September of this year.

More detailed information:

Forstinger Press Office
c/o MB Dialog, Thomas Brey
Tel.: +43 1 917 51 18-15
Mobile: +43 676 542 39 09
E-mail: info@mbdialog.at

EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG
Bernd Lechner, Chairman of the Management Board
Tel: +43 (1) 532 89 79/47

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