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BA-CA Wohnbaubank issues over 4 billion Euro in 2007
Position as Austria's leading issuer of housing loans maintained

BA-CA Wohnbaubank has closed the financial year 2007 with excellent results and increased its total volume of loans granted by around 300 million Euro to over 4 billion Euro. This is around one third of all housing loans in circulation in Austria. The demand for fixed interest housing loans particularly has risen strongly in recent times.

As in earlier years BA-CA Wohnbaubank was able in 2007 to use the proceeds for housing and redevelopment projects promptly, in line with home financing as defined by law. The investment volume redeemed to date amounts to around 6.25 billion Euro. With this, over 85,000 residential units could be co-financed or redeveloped across the whole of Austria. From the economy point of view BA-CA Wohnbaubank therefore made an important contribution to quality and yet affordable housing and at the same time gave valuable impetus to the domestic building industry. Due to constantly increasing housing demand and population growth - particularly in densely populated areas - there is an undiminished, great need for such favourable refinancing, especial with regard to social housing.

BA-CA Wohnbaubank was able to retain its position as Austria's leading issuer of housing loans. Its balance sheet total in 2007 amounted to around 4.2 billion Euro, operating results to almost 7.7 million Euro and net income for the year to more than 7.4 million Euro.

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