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New Bank Austria logo on Vienna Donauturm

  • Logo of largest Austrian bank on highest tower in the country
  • One of the highest-mounted, revolving and illuminated logos in the world

The logo of the largest bank in Austria was mounted today on the highest tower in the country. Using a special helicopter, the 6.5 metre tall and 3.6 metre deep logo was lifted into the air and fixed on the Vienna Donauturm by ten engineers. At 230 metres, the Bank Austria logo is thus one of the highest-mounted, revolving and illuminated advertising logos in the world. "This is one more and without doubt the highest step we have made in our rebranding process that began in April of this year. From today, this symbol of the largest bank in Austria and its affiliation to the leading banking group in Europe can also be seen from afar", explained Erich Hampel, CEO of Bank Austria.


Over recent weeks the two halves of the logo were assembled to form the red sphere with the number one. Seventy square metres of high-quality stretched foil, 90 square metres of stainless steel for the outer skin and 146 long-life fluorescent lamps make the sphere the most impressive means of advertising in the city. Weighing in at 3.5 tons, transporting the logo to the top of the tower required a special helicopter. With its twin-rotor system and a 2x2400 hp engine, it was up to the task. The total weight of the girder construction and the logo is 17.6 tonnes. In the next few days the fluorescent lamps will be turned on, meaning that the compelling impact of the white number one on the red background will be visible at night too.

You can download printable photographs  here. Copies are free.

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