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BA-CA Wohnbaubank asserts its dominance of the market in 2006

Total issuance volume rises by EUR 326 million to EUR 3.8 billion

BA-CA Wohnbaubank has closed financial year 2006 with an excellent result and increased its total issuance volume by EUR 326 million to EUR 3.8 billion, which more than a third of all the residential construction bonds in circulation in Austria. Lastly, demand for fixed interest residential construction bonds, in particular, rose sharply.

In 2006 – as in preceding years – BA-CA was able to pass on the proceeds for residential construction and redevelopment projects without delay and consequently use them in accordance with the residential construction finance defined by law. To date, an investment volume of some EUR 6 billion has been activated in this way and some 80,000 residential units co-financed or redeveloped across Austria. In economic terms, BA-CA Wohnbaubank has, as a result, made a significant contribution to high quality but affordable housing and, at the same time, provided significant impetus for the Austrian construction industry. Demand for this low-cost refinance, particularly for the construction of social housing, remains unabated because of the constantly increasing demand for housing and the growth in the population – especially in large conurbations.

BA-CA Wohnbaubank has held its own as Austria's leading provider of residential construction finance and issuer of residential construction bonds. BA-CA Wohnbaubank's total assets amounted to just over EUR 4 billion in 2006, while operating income stood at some EUR 7 million.

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