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National sponsor BA-CA at UEFA EURO 2008(TM): Archduke Charles to be guest of honour at the UniCredit Group Tower

  • Historic statue of the Archduke in Heldenplatz to be enveloped in a modern
     Event Center
  • Greater international recognition for the new UniCredit Group and 'Bank Austria'
  • Pan-Austrian activities as part of the UEFA EURO 2008™ Experience Tour

     "The venerable Archduke Charles will be guest of honour at the UniCredit Group Tower in Vienna's Heroes' Square", said Robert Zadrazil, Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) COO, announcing BA-CA's most unusual activity in connection with UEFA EURO 2008™. During the sporting mega-event, BA-CA will open up new sponsorship communication channels by integrating the historic statue of the mounted Archduke in Vienna's Heldenplatz, or Heroes' Square, into a modern event and communication center. The temporary symbol of the event will also incorporate a public catering area. The superstructure will protect the statue of Archduke Charles, which high-spirited football fans will no longer be able to climb, from damage.

According to Zadrazil, "The UniCredit Group Tower will also be used for a charitable cause on a selected match day.”Vienna, where the bank traditionally has a very strong market presence, will be at the centre of BA-CA's pan-Austrian sponsorship activities. The UniCredit Group Tower, in Vienna's Hofburg Palace precincts, promises to put all that has gone before firmly in the shade, because the monumental statue of Archduke Charles (on the Volksgarten side of Heldenplatz) will not only be covered by a superstructure, but will also be converted into an ultra-modern event and communication center. A three-storey temporary landmark building, with almost 1,000 square metres of usable space and an overall height of 16.5 metres, will emerge in the middle of Vienna city centre's fan zone, to create one of the most interesting hotspots for friends and guests of BA-CA and the entire UniCredit Group.

The prominently positioned UniCredit "1" logo will be a special feature of the futuristic-looking cube. BA-CA COO Zadrazil is convinced that "The UniCredit Group Tower will transform the historic mounted statue of the Archduke into a temporary event monument. This statement is in perfect keeping with the way we see ourselves – as a dynamic European bank.” Some 4,000 VIP guests in total are expected over the 19 match days. The 160 or so participants expected at the annual Capital Markets Day of UniCredit Group, for example, will come to the Tower.

The UEFA EURO 2008™ Experience Tour will also be stationed in Vienna. This is a multi-screen movie dome, with an interactive zone for football fans. BA-CA, as the national sponsor, is an official partner in this too.

Group sponsorship at UEFA EURO 2008™ is very important to BA-CA, because nine nations from the group of 23 countries in the UniCredit network are taking part. "As far as we are concerned, UEFA EURO 2008™ is the perfect stage for increasing recognition of the UniCredit Group across Austria and internationally", says Robert Zadrazil, "In addition we will take this opportunity to introduce the new 'Bank Austria' appropriately." UEFA reckons on an audience of roughly 7.5 billion viewers, which will follow the football matches via television and in the stadia.

BA-CA expects that UEFA EURO 2008™ will considerably heighten awareness of its brand beyond Austria's borders, both for its parent company in Italy and its sister in Germany, as well as its subsidiaries in Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia, the Czech Republic and Turkey. “Most desirable would be a final with Austrian participation. But the dream final from the Group's point of view is surely Germany versus Italy," admits BA-CA's COO Robert Zadrazil.

You can  download printable photos of the UniCredit Group Tower from the Internet. Copies may be made free of charge.

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