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Storm recovery loans and credit available immediately from BA-CA

  • No arrangement fees, special interest rates from 4.5% (variable)
  • For clearing up damage to buildings and replacing consumer goods

In the face of the floods and the resulting damage to buildings and consumer goods, Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) is once again offering particularly attractive finance, as it did in April 2006, as a matter of priority in parts of Lower Austria, which is available immediately to help flood victims. BA-CA is also dispensing with arrangement fees until 31 December 2007 and guarantees swift, straightforward processing. The insurance declaration or a confirmation from the local authority is sufficient proof of employment of funds for the requested credit amount. Initial information can be obtained by calling the 24-hour service line on 050505 – 25 (no dialling code required when calling from anywhere in Austria).

The storm recovery loan provides for the low-cost, long-term financing of repairs to damaged buildings.  It has a maximum term of 25 years and a variable interest rate of 4.5% with special benefits for residential housing. Depending on the agreement, repayment can begin up to 12 months after the loan has been credited. Storm recovery credit is intended for the rapid replacement of consumer goods and vehicles. It has a maximum term of seven years and a variable interest rate of 5.875%. This product makes it possible to overcome potential financial shortfalls until such time as monies are paid out from insurance companies or disaster funds.

BA-CA's immediate storm recovery assistance is particularly aimed at victims urgently requiring finance, as a result of damages to buildings and consumer goods in the wake of the floods.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Creditanstalt Press Office Austria
Christian Kontny, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 EXT 52483
e-mail: christian.kontny@ba-ca.com