BA-CA a full member on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) has become a full member on the equity and the derivatives market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.  A direct line has been set up between the trading floors of BA-CA in Vienna and the Warsaw Stock Exchange, thus enabling Austrian and international clients to efficiently trade in Polish equities. The connection has been switched on this morning.

"We noticed that there is increasing demand of institutional investors and brokers in Polish equities. By setting up this direct connection between Vienna and Warsaw we are following our clients' needs", explained Martin Rauchenwald, Head of Equities at UniCredit Markets and Investment Banking and Member of the Managing Board of CA IB International Markets AG. 11 traders at BA-CA successfully passed the admission tests required by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and are ready to trade in Polish equities as of today. 

"We have remarked an increasing interest in our market from foreign investors. The decision of BA-CA regarding the direct membership of the WSE is an evidence of this statement. We are strengthened in our conviction that the Warsaw Exchange may play a role of a region leader. We strongly believe that presence of such a superb partner like BA-CA in Warsaw will attract new investors to invest in our market and to participate actively in  IPOs. Polish IPO market is currently one of the most successful ones in Europe. This year I expect around 30-40 debuts in total and among them foreign ones. The Warsaw Stock Exchange is becoming an important source of financing for enterprises in the region", Mr Ludwik Sobolewski, President & CEO of the WSE said. 

About the Warsaw Stock Exchange
The Warsaw Stock Exchange was established in April 1991. Since then, the Exchange has become an important element of the Polish economy and a large financial centre of CEE. 

Trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange is fully electronic. The Warsaw Stock Exchange offers both cash and derivative products under one roof. Current WSE product list includes: shares, bonds, subscription rights, allotment certificates, investment certificates, index, currency and stock futures, index and stock options. Today, nearly 270 companies are listed on the WSE, with the market capitalisation of EUR 95 billion. In terms of index futures contracts volumes, WSE is the fourth most active market in Europe.

Thirty-five brokerage houses have the WSE membership status Ten of them there are foreign remote members, which operate on the market without physical presence in Poland.
Real-time information on the WSE quotes is available from major international data vendors like Reuters, Bloomberg, Moneyline, Financial Times, Telekurs, Thompson Financial as well as FinInfo.
The WSE may already be considered as an international market. Foreign investors account for approximately one third of the Exchange’s equity turnover and constitute an important shareholder group in WSE-listed companies. The biggest companies in the region decided to list on the WSE.

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Warsaw Stock Exchange
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