BA-CA SME finance specialist EK Fin acquires stake in MFT

EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG (EK Fin) has acquired an approximately 74 per cent stake in MFT - Multifunktionale Trainingsgeräte GmbH. The purchase price will not be disclosed. As the private equity fund of Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA), EK Fin’s engagement in MFT is not limited to the acquisition of these shares, but also includes a capital increase to provide the company with the capital it needs for further growth.

Klaus Haberzettl, chairman of the board of EK Fin: "MFT has an excellent position on the market and already enjoys a high level of sales, virtually without advertising. A strong market presence in Austria, an active export policy and product innovations will bring MFT closer to the top. We want to push MFT’s international expansion."

Ewald Aigner, founder and managing director of MFT: "Our products, some of which are patented, are well respected by top athletes, doctors and therapists. Thanks to EK Fin’s support, we will now be able to increase our retail activities and tap the considerable potential for sustainable sales increases that this segment offers."

MFT is headquartered in Guntramsdorf in Lower Austria and was founded by Aigner in 2000. Aigner was a mental trainer with the Austrian Ski Federation for five years and dealt intensively with athletes’ movement, coordination and body stability. Aigner applied the experiences he made here to the development of training equipment and programmes that are now used for children’s and school sports, health and rehabilitation training and professional sports, among other things. MFT currently has a staff of 10. In addition to EK Fin’s roughly 74 per cent stake, shares in MFT are also held by the company’s founder and managing director Ewald Aigner and a private investor.

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