Bank Austria Creditanstalt will publish its results for the first quarter of 2005 on 4 May 2005, earlier than originally announced

  • Income statement and balance sheet for 2004 had to be adapted retroactively to reflect amended and new IFRS rules (first-time application effects).

  • Greater transparency in BA-CA's segment reporting:
    Austrian customer business will be reflected in the "Private Customers Austria", "SMEs Austria" and "Large Corporates and Real Estate" segments.

Due to the amended and new IFRS rules, effective since 1 January 2005, the comparative figures for 2004 of the income statement and the balance sheet have been adapted to reflect these changes.

The following pages contain details of the changes in accounting principles, the income statement of BA-CA Group for the 2004 financial year and the first quarter of 2004, the balance sheet at 31 December 2004 and the adapted segment reporting of BA-CA Group. All comparative figures for the previous year have been adjusted for first-time application effects.

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