Final results for 2004

Bank Austria Creditanstalt has published today its final financial statements for the year 2004 prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The preliminary results, published on 24 February 2005, have been confirmed.

The complete annual report 2004 is available on the Internet at http://ir.ba-ca.com.

For the 2004 financial year, Bank Austria Creditanstalt again offers an interactive online version of its annual report. In addition to the service tools with which readers are already familiar, the annual report 2004 offers an extended search function, the possibility of comparing specific sections with the same sections of the annual report 2003 and the possibility of downloading all tables as Excel files for quick access to the required financial information.

  http://annualreport2004.ba-ca.com BA-CA Annual Report 2004 (PDF; 2,263 KB)