Results for the first quarter of 2004: Bank Austria Creditanstalt's profits up by 32 per cent

  • Net income after taxes and minority interests up from EUR 101 million
    to EUR 133 million
  • Net income before taxes up by 28% from EUR 153 million to EUR 196 million
  • The contribution of the CEE business segment to Bank Austria Creditanstalt's net income before taxes is 35%, ROE 17.7% and cost/income ratio 60.8%

- Earnings per share for the first quarter of 2004 rose despite significantly higher number of shares from EUR 0.89 to EUR 0.91.
- In consequence of the increased basis of shareholders´ equity the ROE after taxes remained unchanged at 8.9 percent. Cash ROE was 12.2 per cent (Q1 2003: 12.6 per cent). Cost/Income Ratio improved to 67.5% (Q1 2003: 69.0%).
- Operating profit improved to EUR 181 million, up 21% on the previous year´s level. Compared to Q4 2003 this is an increase of EUR 60 million or 50%.
- Net charge for losses on loans and advances continued to decline. The risk/earnings ratio improved to 20.2 per cent, credit risk charge / RWA amounted to 66 basis points.
- Net income before taxes generated by Bank Austria Creditanstalt´s subsidiaries in CEE amounted to EUR 92.2 million, an increase of 12% on the previous year´s level.
- Risk weighted assets rose by EUR 0.5 billion to EUR 66.1 billion in Q1 2004.
- As at 31/03/04 the Tier 1 capital ratio remained unchanged at 7.8 per cent (31/12/03: 7.8 per cent), the total capital ratio was 13.1 per cent (2003: 13.1 per cent).

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