Bank Austria Creditanstalt Shares Registered in Public Trading

Today, the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission registered Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) shares in public trading. The decision clears the way to the first public trading of an international company on the Polish stock exchange. The BA-CA stock will be dually listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). The trading on the two stock exchanges will be governed by different rules, which are specific to each of these markets, and on the basis of applicable trading regulations.

“The listing of the BA-CA share in Warsaw underlines the importance of the Polish market to our bank. In 1991 we were the first international bank to enter the Polish market. Now we will become the first international company to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We are very pleased with this,” said Willi Hemetsberger, member of the Executive Board of Bank Austria Creditanstalt.

The Issue Prospectus of BA-CA shares, containing the details of the shares admitted to public trading in Poland, will be made available at all Customer Service Points of brokerage houses throughout the country in a few days. CA IB Securities is responsible for the introduction of Bank Austria Creditanstalt shares to the public trading in Poland.

Bank Austria Creditanstalt
Group Public Relations
Ildiko Füredi, phone +43 5 05 05 56102 ; e-mail: ildiko.fueredi@ba-ca.com

NBS Public Relations
Magda Kołodziejczyk
phone (22) 826 74 18, e-mail: Mkolodziejczyk@nbs.com.pl


Bank Austria Creditanstalt

Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) is by far the largest bank in Austria and operates the leading network in Central and Eastern Europe. The Bank’s total assets amount to EUR 148 billion, and its business comprises a full range of corporate and retail banking products, asset management and financial products and services for institutional clients. BA-CA provides its services to over 5.5 million clients, including approx. 2 million in Austria and 2.8 million in Poland.

BA-CA is the owner of BPH PBK, the third-largest Polish bank in terms of the number of clients, loan and deposit volumes, as well as the number of outlets. In Poland, the Bank Austria Creditanstalt Group operates also through CA IB companies, active in investment banking and strategic advisory services for corporates.

Bank Austria Creditanstalt is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Its major shareholder is the HVB Group, one of the five largest groups in the European banking sector. The HVB Group’s consolidated assets amount to EUR 680 billion. 66,500 employees serve over 8.5 million clients.