IT systems of Bank Austria and Creditanstalt successfully integrated

The new Bank Austria Creditanstalt will start tomorrow
Customers can use more than 400 branches throughout Austria
Successful conclusion of one of the largest IT projects in Europe

Today the IT systems of Bank Austria and Creditanstalt have been successfully switched to the new joint system. Jochen-Michael Speek, the Managing Board member responsible for information technology in the Bank Austria Creditanstalt Group: "The project is a big success. The new Bank Austria Creditanstalt has excellent IT systems.“

Over the past few months, the new system has been installed at some 15,000 PC workplaces in the Bank Austria Creditanstalt Group and 1,000 work processes have been changed. The "Bank zum Erfolg" project, a name reflecting the advertising slogan used by the bank in Austria, required a work input of almost 700 man-years. Jochen-Michael Speek: "We have completed one of the largest IT projects ever implemented in Europe, and we have completed it in record time. We can be very proud of this achievement.“

The Group was supported in this project by the Wave Solutions software house and by Accenture, the international consultants. "Bank Austria Creditanstalt recognised the strategic importance of uniform IT systems at an early stage," Accenture partner Klaus Malle explains, "complex change processes require a methodical approach, the involvement of all employees and transparent project management.“

The new Bank Austria Creditanstalt will start tomorrow. The bank has more than 1.9 million customers, who can now use more than 400 branches throughout Austria, with self-service foyers and cash dispensers. For Creditanstalt customers, the number of branches they can use has thus doubled. At the same time Bank Austria Creditanstalt offers its customers a number of new attractive products. CEO Gerhard Randa: "We can now offer our customers the best products of both banks. This will significantly enhance our position in the market.“

Basic services familiar to customers remain unchanged: customers keep their account numbers, PINs and ATM cards, and they can continue to use the same bank sorting codes. And of course they will continue to be served by their personal account manager.

The legal merger and the IT systems merger are the two final steps in the integration process of Bank Austria and Creditanstalt. Over the past five years the two banks have grown together step by step, and they have become the leading bank in Austria and in Central and Eastern Europe. With total assets of EUR 150 billion, Bank Austria Creditanstalt is twice as large as the number two bank in Austria. Bank Austria Creditanstalt has more than 30,000 employees in 11 countries.

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