3 December is #PurpleLightUp Day
UniCredit Bank Austria sets a visible sign for economic contributions of persons with disabilities

  • UniCredit Bank Austria, one of Austria's most inclusive and accessible companies, shines in purple for the first time
  • Broad information campaign on barrier-free banking services
  • UniCredit’s headquarters in Milan will also shine in purple
  • UniCredit Bank Austria is a pioneer in barrier-free financial services

“By focusing on our diverse commitment to equality for people with disabilities on the third of December, International Day of People with Disabilities, we also want to encourage others to use their opportunities to work actively for a barrier-free society”, says Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria.

At the initiative of myAbility, a management consultancy specialising in inclusion strategies, numerous well-known companies from Austria and Germany are joining the #PurpleLightUp global campaign this year. They illuminate their buildings on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, symbolically use the colour purple in further actions or show their colours online. In doing so, they shed light on the economic self-determination of persons with disabilities and celebrate their economic contributions as employees and customers.

“Although approximately 15 million persons with disabilities live in the German-speaking countries, they are largely invisible. On 3 December we will jointly set a proud example of appreciation and demonstrate a self-confident and modern approach to the topic of disability,” emphasizes Gregor Demblin, founder of myAbility. 

Broad information campaign for barrier-free financial services
UniCredit Bank Austria is implementing a broad information campaign on today's Day of Persons with Disabilities: The colour purple is shown on the website and employees at branches are wearing stickers, moreover the self-service devices and folders in the branches also provide useful information about the bank's barrier-free services. A special highlight will be the UniCredit Tower in Milan, where UniCredit’s headquarters are located. Italy's tallest building, a landmark of the business metropolis Milan, will shine purple on this day.

UniCredit Bank Austria is a leader in barrier-free financial services
“We do this not only out of social responsibility, but because it is an economic necessity,” emphasizes Robert Zadrazil. After all, 15 to 20 percent of the Austrian population live with a disability in one form or another. That is approximately 1.7 million persons. And due to demographic change, the number of persons with disabilities will continue to rise in the coming years. “Over the next few years, we intend to make greater use of our bank's leading position in accessibility to become the first choice for this growing customer segment,” says Zadrazil.

Barrier-free services and offers of UniCredit Bank Austria:

  • 100 per cent of the branches are barrier-free, far beyond the legally prescribed extent
  • All self-service devices are barrier-free
  • UniCredit Bank Austria offers sign language advice directly in the branch or via video telephony in the customer's living room.
  • A shuttle service in Vienna and Graz brings customers with restricted mobility to the branch for advisory appointments and picks them up again.
  • The website is optimized for screen readers and also available in “easier reading” (in German only).
  • Contract PDFs have a reading function
  • UniCredit Bank Austria also offers advice via video telephony at home and general financial information via the digital language assistant “Alexa”.
  • As part of Social Impact Banking, since September 2019 UniCredit Bank Austria has offered blind and partially sighted customers a special low-priced loan for important purchases that make their everyday lives easier: for example, for an intelligent portable visual aid, the barrier-free design of the home or a guide dog for the blind.

About #PurpleLightUp
The #PurpleLightUp campaign 2017 was initiated by Kate Nash. Her organisation PurpleSpace, based in the UK, promotes the networking of employees with disabilities and the formation of expertise networks. She says: “We are very happy that myAbility brought the #PurpleLightUp movement to Austria. We want persons with disabilities to create a global identity through their networks: one that puts their positive contribution in the spotlight. Around the symbolic purple we want to create a movement that questions prejudices. The solidarity of the companies within the framework of the #PurpleLightUp is important in this context.”

For more information on barrier-free services and offers of UniCredit Bank Austria: https://www.bankaustria.at/barrierefrei/index.jsp

For more information on #PurpleLightUp: https://www.myability.org/news/purplelightup 

Printable photos are available for download on our website, just go to www.bankaustria.at Presse > Pressefotos.

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