The Amundi CPR Climate Action fund:
Investing in "climate protection" with UniCredit Bank Austria

  • The Amundi CPR Climate Action investment fund makes global investments in companies that have a stated goal of reducing CO2 emissions and thus actively limiting the effects of climate change
  • The fund has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel
  • Exclusive subscription option available to UniCredit Bank Austria customers until 15 November 2019

Climate change is a key focus of the current election campaign, and in the words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres represents "the most systemic threat to humankind". The Amundi CPR Climate Action fund from Amundi, Europe's largest asset management company, manages climate-driven financial risks through a strategy of responsible and sustainable investment, thus actively helping to create a CO2-efficient economy.
Amundi acquires equities in companies that are the most advanced in their respective sectors with regard to managing climate risks. The companies are selected on the basis of strict criteria relating to climate and environmental, social, governance (ESG) data, as well as fixed exclusion criteria. 

Mauro Maschio, Member of the Management Board Privatkundenbank of UniCredit Bank Austria, points out: "We all have a responsibility to tackle climate change, which is something that will have a substantial impact on the lives of our children and grandchildren. As part of an investment strategy geared towards sustainability, at UniCredit Bank Austria we are joining forces with our fund partner Amundi Austria to give our customers the opportunity - via the Amundi CPR Climate Action fund - to invest in companies that have a stated goal of reducing CO2 emissions and thus actively limiting the effects of climate change." Werner Kretschmer, CEO of Amundi Austria, adds: "In the current climate in particular, investment funds that offer a focus on sustainability and a diversified investment strategy are potentially a very interesting proposition - for small investors and institutional investors alike".

The three-stage filter system
The investment basis for the Amundi CPR Climate Action fund is the MSCI All Country World Index, which represents approximately 2800 equities worldwide. This global investment universe includes all regions and sectors, and is used in conjunction with the following filters:

  • Climate-related rating: Via an exclusive partnership with CDP, a globally networked NGO and CO2 transparency pioneer (leader in environmental data collection and disclosure). Companies without a CDP rating (lack of transparency) or with below-average results are excluded.
  • ESG-related rating: Companies with the weakest ESG profiles based on the Amundi ESG rating* are excluded.
  • Additional exclusion criteria: For companies in contentious industries such as nuclear power production, coal production and the defence industry, or companies that are unable to demonstrate the absence of child labour in the production chain.

Equities that have been filtered out in the context of at least one of the three levels are excluded and investment is prohibited. Of the approximately 2800 equities represented in the MSCI All Country World Index, around 600 are eligible for investment; these equities are then analysed and selected based on financial criteria. The Amundi CPR Climate Action fund ultimately invests in around 70 to 90 equities.

Exclusive subscription period for customers of UniCredit Bank Austria until 15 November 2019
UniCredit Bank Austria customers can subscribe to the fund during the subscription period, until 15 November 2019, before the fund is officially launched on 18 November. Customers will still be able to purchase units at any time after the fund has launched.

The issue in detail:
Amundi CPR Climate Action fund

ISIN: AT0000A28YT6 (annual distribution end of January/beginning of February)
Issuer: Amundi Austria GmbH
Fund investment currency   USD
Settlement currency EUR
Bank Austria subscription period  Until 15 November 2019/by 2.45 pm
Minimum investment EUR 1000.00 (excluding the purchase fee to UniCredit Bank Austria)
Initial unit value on launch date EUR 100.00 per unit (excluding purchase fee to UniCredit Bank Austria)
Purchase fee to Bank Austria: 5%
Ongoing costs of the fund: Estimated at 1.9% p.a. based on the customer information document dated 16/09/2019
Fund launch:       18 November 2019
Transaction fee to Bank Austria:  0.75% of sale value (at least EUR 23.50)

This promotional material does not constitute investment advice or an offer or recommendation to buy, sell or hold in relation to the fund in question and is not an invitation to make such an offer. It serves purely as introductory information and is not a substitute for advice that takes into account your individual circumstances and knowledge.
The customer information document and the latest German-language version of the published full prospectus for the fund in question, including all changes made since the initial announcement, are available free of charge to prospective investors from the asset management company (Amundi Austria GmbH, Schwarzenbergplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria) and from UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria, as well as in all branches of UniCredit Bank Austria AG. The legal documents pertaining to the fund in question are also available to prospective investors at http://download.fonds.at (see the "Fund-related Files" section).

There is risk associated with any investment in securities: The value of the investment and any returns are subject to sudden and strong fluctuations. Currency fluctuations can also influence price performance. Major losses are possible, in exceptional circumstances loss of the entire capital. The recommended investment duration should therefore be observed. Prior to subscribing to the fund, prospective investors should seek advice from a tax consultant regarding the tangible tax implications of the investment. The tax treatment depends on the investor's personal circumstances and is subject to change in the future.

Our brochure "Summary of guidelines for handling conflicts of interest and disclosing benefits" provides information about Bank Austria's fundamental approach to handling conflicts of interest and about the disclosure of benefits. Your advisor will be happy to provide full details.

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This marketing communication has been prepared by UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria.

* Since 1989, Amundi has been developing solutions that integrate ESG criteria based on the overall ESG rating of issuers. These solutions are pivotal to our ESG offering, combining a best-in-class strategy of selecting the issuers in each sector using best ESG practices with a unique engagement approach.

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