Pay using your smartphone:
UniCredit Bank Austria presents its new digital debit card “digitale BankCard”

  • Use this digital bank card to pay at any POS terminal anywhere in the world via the redesigned "Mobile Geldbörse" app, or withdraw cash via NFC
  • Easy in-app activation on all Android smartphones for all providers
  • Supports multiple customer cards

The new  "digitale BankCard" can be used on any Android smartphone immediately after activation in the app and is now integrated into the redesigned "Mobile Geldbörse" app. The app also offers services such as the "Schnell-mehr-Geld-Funktion" and "Geld an Handy Kontakte senden (ZOIN)" functions, cashback and an overview of all ATM cards and customer loyalty scheme cards.

"With our digital BankCard, we are giving all Android users - who account for over 70% of all Austrian smartphone users - the ability to pay with their phones at POS terminals anywhere in the world or to withdraw cash at NFC - enabled ATMs. No special SIM card is needed, and customers simply need to activate the service in the app", explains Mauro Maschio, Member of the Management Board Privatkundenbank of UniCredit Bank Austria. "With additional functions such as 'Schnell-mehr-Geld-Funktion' and 'Geld an Handy Kontakte senden (ZOIN)', the 'Mobile Geldbörse' app is truly a full-service digital wallet."

The digital bank card
The digital bank card is a virtual mirror of UniCredit Bank Austria's existing ATM card with contactless function, saved in an encrypted format. Customers can use their mobile phone to make contactless payments at NFC-enabled payment terminals in shops - all over the world. Contactless cash withdrawals are also possible at NFC-enabled ATMs.

"Schnell-mehr-Geld-Funktion" and "Geld an Handy Kontakte senden (ZOIN)"
The standard weekly limit for POS payments with a bank card is EUR 1100.00. Provided the customer has sufficient credit, this limit can be reviewed directly in the Mobile Geldbörse via the "Schnell-mehr-Geld-Funktion" function, and the amount can be increased as required with just a few taps. This means that customers can even make larger payments quickly using their ATM card, or directly via smartphone using the "digitale BankCard". With ZOIN from Payment Services Austria, customers can send money in real time to smartphone contacts, or request payments from them. Simply select the contact and the amount and confirm the transaction using a PIN or fingerprint recognition. Both the sender and the recipient must be customers of a participating bank, and the ZOIN function must first be activated in the Mobile Geldbörse.

Add customer loyalty programmes
Customers can also add loyalty cards from their favourite shops in the Mobile Geldbörse app, saving them a lot of space in their physical wallet. The most common customer loyalty cards are already displayed as templates in the app and customers need only scan the barcode on their card to make it available alongside their other loyalty cards and debit cards - all in the same app.

The digital bank card is available to anyone with a Bank Austria account and an NFC-enabled Android smartphone. The digital bank card can be activated directly in the Mobile Wallet app, which is available in the Google Play Store. For more information about the Mobile Geldbörse, please visit www.bankaustria.at/mobile-geldboerse-app.jsp

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