e-Identification via bank account:
Bank account becomes a hub for digital services

  • With "e-Id Bank-Ident", UniCredit Bank Austria now offers a recognised and simple means of identification on the Internet
  • This way registration of prepaid mobile phone cards is fast and convenient
  • Bank account becomes identification hub for all possible online services
  • Bank guarantees safe custody of legally legitimate data

While digitalisation is penetrating and rearranging more and more parts of our lives, the call for compulsory registration for online forums, web portals, social media platforms and even for previously anonymous prepaid cards is growing louder and louder. Corresponding legislative proposals have already been submitted.

A first example of this is the mandatory registration of all existing and new prepaid mobile phone cards from 1 September. This can be done either personally with an official photo ID directly in the mobile shop or by using the "e-Id Bank-Ident" procedure conveniently from home or on the road.

"As a result of the Federal Act to Prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in the Financial Market, we as a bank are already obliged to be able to prove the identity of our customers beyond any doubt," says Mauro Maschio, Member of the Management Board Privatkundenbank of UniCredit Bank Austria. At the express request of the customer, the bank can then pass on this verified data directly to the respective mobileradio provider, for example. "This procedure is therefore not only uncomplicated and fast, but also particularly secure, since the data is stored on bank servers with the highest possible level of security and is only transmitted to the responsible office for one-off identification," says Maschio.

Prepaid phone card registration does not remain an isolated case
According to a proposal by the previous government, online forums and web portals will be required to register from 2020 in order to better control anonymous hate postings and sources of fake news. 
The "e-Id Bank-Ident" procedure would then also be the best choice for these registrations.

How exactly does the e-Id Bank-Ident process work?
In order to identify her- or himself, the UniCredit Bank Austria customer selects the "e-Id Bank-Ident" function on the service provider's website. He will then be connected to his Internetbanking 24You, where his data will be checked under the strictest encryption standards. To carry out the transaction, the customer signs with the usual authorization method, for example by entering a TAN. He has full control over the process at all times.

Online service providers who wish to use the "e-Id Bank-Ident" only need to conclude a contract with UniCredit Bank Austria and set up the corresponding technical interface.

"e-Id Bank-Ident" is a cooperation product of STUZZA members
"e-Id Bank-Ident" was developed by the bank's own Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr (STUZZA) and adapted to the familiar Internet banking application.

"Identification procedures will be in great demand in the future. With e-Id Bank-Ident, we provide consumers and service providers with the 'Swiss Army Knife' among a variety of solutions," says Katharina Quehenberger, Managing Director of STUZZA GmbH.

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