Invest in megatrends with UniCredit Bank Austria:
Disruptive technologies offer interesting investment opportunities

  • Disruptive business models have changed the global business world and numerous game changers are among the most successful companies in the world today.
  • UniCredit Bank Austria enables Amundi theme fund "CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities" and HVB Garant bonds on theme indices with reduced risk to participate in the breakthrough of new technologies and trends

In recent decades, disruptive technologies have led to economic innovations that have triggered a completely new development with completely new approaches beyond linear further development. These new developments led to completely new and clearly superior business models and consequently to the destruction of numerous traditional business models. "About 20 years ago, it was mainly industrial companies that led the global economy," says Helmut Siegler, Chief Investment Officer of UniCredit Bank Austria. "Today they are disruptive technology companies like Google, Amazon or Apple. These 'game changers' replace old market leaders and celebrate a worldwide rise."

We know the best known examples of these processes from digitisation, which has completely changed entire sectors such as the music, film, travel and media industries. While the invention of the DVD merely replaced the VHS cassette, but did not change the business model of a video store, Netflix completely disrupted this industry with its streaming service. Video rentals are practically non-existent. In the same way, a new drive system develops the car as we know it, but does not change the business model behind it, while car sharing or rental car services present car manufacturers with completely new challenges.

Participating in disruptive trends with appropriate securities
"Disruption not only changes the global economic structure, it is also a very exciting investment topic," says Siegler. "But many investors still shy away from securities investments. Therefore securities, which offer a capital security to the term end, form a entrance possibility. Examples are the HVB Garant bonds related to the "Global Disruptive Opportunities Strategy Index", the "Food for Generations Strategy Index" or the "Global Water Strategy Index". With these you can participate in the development of the markets as well as in disruptive trends. These bonds offer capital security at maturity by the issuer. If the development of the index is not positive, the capital security takes effect at the end of the term. UniCredit Bank Austria regularly informs about new Garant bonds on theme indices.

"For interested investors, the Amundi investment fund 'CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities' with its diversified investment strategy can offer particularly interesting perspectives, especially in the current situation," says Helmut Siegler. The fund's broad diversification enables it to reduce risks compared with investments in individual securities. "CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities" is an investment fund that invests worldwide primarily in shares of companies that pursue or benefit from disruptive business models.

"In this way, investors can participate in the megatrend of disruption," says Siegler. The determination of the personal risk appetite and which investment products are suitable for which client can only be made in a qualified consultation.

From the perspective of UniCredit Bank Austria, professional advice is indispensable for securities investments. "We invite all potential investors to visit us at one of our branches and get advice from one of our 100 investment experts free of charge and without obligation, either in person or via video telephony. In doing so, we create a personal investment strategy that is entirely geared to the different individual investment wishes and objectives. We identify improvement potential for investments and recommend alternative investment opportunities to our customers in the current environment of low interest rates and geopolitical challenges," emphasizes Helmut Siegler.

Legal information and disclaimer:
This information does not constitute investment advice or investment recommendation. In particular, they do not constitute an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities and do not constitute an invitation to make such an offer. They serve only as initial information and cannot replace advice based on the individual circumstances and knowledge of the investor. Every investment in securities is associated with risks. Investment value and returns may fluctuate suddenly and to a considerable extent and are therefore not guaranteed. There is a possibility that the investor will not receive back the entire amount invested, among other things if the investment only exists for a short period of time. Under certain circumstances, a total loss is also possible. Investors are exposed to the risk that the issuer may not be able to meet its obligations under the Guarantor Bonds, for example in the event of insolvency (insolvency/overindebtedness) or an official order. This default risk also comes into play when a creditor participation procedure (bail-in) has been initiated by the competent settlement authority in the event of a financial distress of the issuer. A total loss of the invested capital is possible. There is no deposit guarantee for securities.

Bank Austria will be happy to advise you on all opportunities, risks and expenses incurred.

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