UniCredit Bank Austria MobileBanking App:
Already more than 1.5 million transactions with photo transfer from UniCredit Bank Austria

  • UniCredit Bank Austria is the only bank in Austria to offer photo credit transfers
  • The photo transfer makes it possible to transfer paper invoices with payment-relevant data easily into the MobileBanking App and transfer the amount with just a few clicks
  • Over 1.5 million photo transfers have been made since 2017 
  • Number of transfers continues to increase thanks to new functionalities
  • The practical function was developed in cooperation with the German FinTech Gini and integrated into the UniCredit Bank Austria MobileBanking App

Since 2017, customers of UniCredit Bank Austria have already transferred invoices or payment orders more than 1.5 million times simply via smartphone photo - without having to enter the IBAN, purpose or payment reference. 

"Since 2017, we have been the only bank in Austria to offer our customers the option of transferring paper invoices with payment-relevant data and payment instructions to the MobileBanking App by means of a smartphone photo, making the transfer uncomplicated, fast and secure," says Mauro Maschio, Member of the Management Board "Privatkundenbank" of UniCredit Bank Austria. "The fact that our customers have already made more than 1.5 million transfers by photo transfer since its introduction two years ago shows the success of this project".

Simple, fast and secure transfer via smartphone: one photo is all it takes
Customers of UniCredit Bank Austria can now conveniently pay paper bills, reminders and money orders with just a few clicks using their smartphone. All they have to do is photograph the document - the MobileBanking App does the rest. Thanks to the photo transfer, it is not necessary to have a payment slip or a QR code in front of you, nor is it necessary to scan separately the IBAN or purpose fields required for the transfer.

With a single photo, the software uses artificial intelligence to identify all the necessary information on an invoice and automatically fills out the transfer form. The time-consuming typing of the payment-relevant data is thus completely eliminated. The customer then releases the payment - as usual - by entering a TAN in the online banking app.
Thanks to the innovative multipage function, the photo transfer function can now also conveniently capture multi-page paper invoices and transfer them to UniCredit Bank Austria MobileBanking, where it can also upload and process electronically transmitted invoices.

UniCredit Bank Austria as a pioneer thanks to FinTech cooperations
This service innovation was made possible thanks to the cooperation with the German FinTech Gini. "At UniCredit, we see digitalisation as a driver of change in the banking business. FinTechs and BigTechs are - as in this case - important generators of ideas and impulses for us", says Mauro Maschio, "each of these cooperations primarily serves to improve the experience of our customers and to optimally cover the changing customer needs. “

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