OeKB’s Exportinvest Green:
UniCredit Bank Austria assists companies with investments in environmental relief and environmental improvement

  • UniCredit Bank Austria offers Austrian export companies very attractive financing with “Exportinvest Green” from the Austrian Export Credit Agency (OeKB)                    

As the strongest partner of the OeKB and market leader in export financing, with "Exportinvest Green", UniCredit Bank Austria offers domestic companies a refinancing of an additional 20 percent of the investment from the OeKB in the case of measures that improve the environment. And that is in addition to the previous "Exportinvest" refinancing from the OeKB depending on the export quota.

Austrian companies with an export quota of at least 20 percent who are planning investments of more than 2 million euros domestically can receive "Exportinvest" financing. The funding specialists at UniCredit Bank Austria also examine opportunities for additional subsidies and grants.

Susanne Wendler, member of the Board of Management at UniCredit Bank Austria, stresses: "As the largest partner of the OeKB, UniCredit Bank Austria offers domestic companies the option of covering up to 100 percent of the investment costs for sustainable environmental relief or environmental improvements with particularly attractive terms. As a leading corporate bank in Austria and the market leader in export financing, we are therefore strengthening the export industry on the one hand and doing a great deal for the sustainable improvement of the environment on the other hand."

Green finance is a long-standing tradition at Austria’s leading corporate bank

UniCredit Bank Austria, as the leading corporate bank in Austria, is an important pillar of support for the Austrian export industry when it comes to export financing. Sustainable, green changes can

act as a particularly strong lever for attractive financing conditions in the modern world. "Green finance" is also a long-standing tradition at UniCredit Bank Austria, as UniCredit Bank Austria was Lead Manager when the first "green bond" was issued by the European Investment Bank in 2007.

Exportinvest financing built into a comprehensive funding concept

Every second company in Austria that carries out foreign trade relies on the funding advice and expertise of UniCredit Bank Austria. UniCredit Bank Austria is also a leading partner in the provision of AWS liabilities, ERP fund loans or OeKB guarantees. Together with the funding specialists at UniCredit Bank Austria, suitable projects are therefore not only financed by means of “Exportinvest” from the OeKB, but also at the same time the possibilities of additional subsidies, such as grants within the framework of federal and state-supported programmes can be reviewed. Finally, a customised package for each project and every company is put together from the various funding and financing programs.

Financing via "Exportinvest"

"Exportinvest" enables Austrian export companies looking to secure or expand their own export activities or add value domestically to benefit from the favourable refinancing options of the OeKB. Until 2017, these options were exclusively reserved for investments abroad. With the addition of the green component, it is even easier to finance up to 100 percent of the investment via UniCredit Bank Austria in cooperation with the OeKB.

In general, the rounded export quota is the indicator for the percentage that can be refinanced using the OeKB funds under favourable terms. And in the case of a green investment, another 20 percent of the investment amount will be added. There is a general rule for the “Exportinvest” product that financing is available in the amount of the rounded export quota, at 54 percent, for example, 50 percent of the actual investment amount. If the investment qualifies for "Exportinvest Green", a further 20 percent will be added to this and the total will increase to 70 percent.

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