The "CashBack" advantage programmes of UniCredit Bank Austria:
Already 4.6 million euros cash back for customers of UniCredit Bank Austria

  • UniCredit Bank Austria exclusively offers its customers three successful CashBack variants: "CashBack", "CashBack Online" and "CashBack Gutschein". 
  • Since the introduction of CashBack four years ago, 4.6 million euros have already flowed back to UniCredit Bank Austria customers through automatic permanent discounts and promotions at partner companies.
  • Last year, cash back payments to customers increased by a total of almost 30 percent compared with the previous year.

Mauro Maschio, CEO Private Customer Bank of UniCredit Bank Austria, emphasises: "Our innovative advantage programmes are a complete success. Since their introduction at the end of 2014, our customers have already received back over 4.6 million euros in cash back for purchases with BankCard, online shopping via 'CashBack Online' or via 'CashBack Gutschein'. In 2018, we were able to increase cash back payments to our customers by almost 30 percent.“

To make it even more tangible, Andrea Schmitz-Dohnal, Marketing Manager of UniCredit Bank Austria, cites two examples of attractive discounts: "For example, if you book a one-week holiday for two people in Sardinia for 1,396 euros via a CashBack Online partner travel portal for your upcoming summer holiday, you can get four percent of the cost back, which in this example is 56 euros1. Or one of our customers received 297 Euro CashBack from a CashBack Gutschein partner furniture store for the purchase of new home furnishings amounting to 9,900 Euro.2

"CashBack Classic”
CashBack Classic is an innovative benefits programme that offers all customers of UniCredit Bank Austria permanent discounts and promotions at numerous partner companies. CashBack is automatically available on every UniCredit Bank Austria debit card. For every purchase made with a UniCredit Bank Austria debit card, the discount is credited to one of the currently 217 participating partner companies with 956 branches and almost 2,000 payment terminals. In 2018 alone, the number of purchases made rose by 18 per cent compared with the previous year, while reimbursements to customers even rose by almost 30 per cent.

"CashBack Online”
CashBack can also be used for online shopping, only a one-time and free registration on the portal of the cooperation partner BenefitWorld (cashbackonline.at) is necessary. If customers then enter the more than 800 online shops and more than 100 online travel portals of the partner companies via this site, they are automatically credited with attractive discounts when they make a purchase, which in most cases range between 4 and 10 percent, but can also be higher or lower. The type of means of payment can be freely chosen. Here, too, 31 percent more purchases were made in 2018 than in the previous year and reimbursement to customers rose by 21 percent.

"CashBack Gutschein”
The idea of UniCredit Bank Austria's third advantage program, "CashBack Gutschein", is very simple: After registering for free on cashbackgutscheine.at, the website of the cooperation partner cards4more, with name, e-mail address, IBAN of UniCredit Bank Austria and a self-chosen password, you select one of the available goods vouchers. Here, too, sales in 2018 were up 29 percent on the previous year.

Enquiries:   UniCredit Bank Austria Press Office
                     Volker Moser, Ph.: +43 (0) 5 05 05-52854;
                     Email: volker.moser@unicreditgroup.at

1 Vacation for 2 persons in Porto Conte, Sardinia, 22.-29.07.2019 for one week incl. breakfast for 1.396 Euro (Calculation by CashBack Online Partner on 06.03.2018 at 18:00)
2 Furnishings 2018 by 9,900 euros with 3 percent cash back remuneration