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Cross Border Services available in Poland at Bank Pekao SA

Cross Border Account Opening

Residents and Non-residents

  • are permitted to open Polish Zloty and Foreign Currency accounts in Poland and abroad.

Special rule for Residents

  • Account-opening abroad and balances or certain types of deposits kept on accounts abroad have to be reported to the National Bank of Poland.

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Cross Border Cash Management

 Flash Payment

 Margin Pooling


European Gate  

International corporate customers can service Bank Pekao accounts via EuropeanGate: Yes.
Bank Pekao can offer EuropeanGate to international corporate customers: Yes.
- eChannel: PekaoBusiness24
- Countries: CZ, DE, SK, PL

Please contact your relationship manager for further details. He/she can furnish you with all necessary information on products, services and country information of each and every country in our UniCredit Network.

In case you are not yet a customer of UniCredit Group please contact the local Cross Border Business Team:


Poland at a Glance
  • Capital city: Warsaw
  • Administrative divisions: 16 districts
  • Population: 38.6 million
  • Currency: Zloty (PLN), 1 zloty = 100 groszy
  • Languages: Polish
  • Dialling code for int. phone calls: +48
  • Internet country code: .pl


UniCredit in Poland

Bank Pekao Figures as of 30 September 2012:
Total assets: EUR 35 billion
Branches: 1,000

In the Polish banking market Bank Pekao is one of the leading banks with amarket share of 11.3%.

Apart from classic banking products, the bank provides services and solutions in every financial field, as brokerage, leasing, asset management and factoring. Bank Pekao is a direct subsidiary of UniCredit SpA.



Ul. Grzybowska 53/57
00950 Warsaw
 +48 22 656 00 00
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 Cross Border Services available in Poland  
  • Cross Border Account Opening
  • Cross Border Cash Management