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The bank from 1855 until today

Bank Austria was created by the merger of Austria's leading traditional banks.



Establishment of Bank Austria: merger of Zentralsparkasse und Kommerzialbank AG and Österreichische Länderbank AG.

Zentralsparkasse und Kommerzialbank AG was founded as a savings bank on the basis of a resolution passed by the municipal council of the City of Vienna. The savings institution commenced its business operations in 1907. Zentralsparkasse und Kommerzialbank AG grew to become Austria's largest savings bank.
In 1880, a Paris-based bank set up Österreichische Länderbank AG. Two years later, Österreichische Länderbank AG became an Austrian bank independent of its former parent company.


Acquisition of Creditanstalt shares from the Republic of Austria. The banking group created by this move combined all the traditional strengths of its individual predecessor banks: Zentralsparkasse's retail banking business and the corporate banking expertise of Länderbank und Creditanstalt.

In 1855, "k.k. privilegierte Österreichische Credit-Anstalt für Handel und Gewerbe" was founded by the Rothschild family and by aristocratic families during the Habsburg Monarchy. The new institution became Austria's leading bank for industrial finance and securities business.

2000 Merger with Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG. Bank Austria's shareholders voted almost unanimously (99.85 per cent) in favour of the merger. A multi-tier plan comprising structural changes and capital measures was completed with the exchange of shares on 2 February 2001.

From a banking group to a single bank: On 12 August, Bank Austria and Creditanstalt merged to form Bank Austria Creditanstalt. The bank now operates in Austria as a single new entity with a clear structure and a leading market position.

2003 BA-CA returns to the Stock Exchange. 22.5 percent of the BA-CA shares are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange (9 July) and on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (14 October).  The bank becomes the first foreign company whose shares are listed on the WSE. The net proceeds of the IPO are strong base for further expansion in Central and Eastern Europe.

Transfer of the HVB's remaining shares in Bank BPH to Bank Austria Austria Creditanstalt completed. BA-CA now holds 71 percent interest in Bank BPH PBK, the third largest bank in Poland.

Top-Performance among European bank shares: BA-CA share among the top-performing Euopean bank shares with a total shareholder return of 67 percent. Outperformance of the EuroStoxx Banking index, even the Austian ATX stock market index lagged behind the performance of BA-CA shares.


On 12 June 2005 UniCredit's Board of Directors and HVB's Management and Supervisory Board approved the combination of HVB and UniCredit. This is the largest cross-border banking merger in Europe so far.

The merger of BA-CA Administration Services and Dataline Zahlungsverkehrsabwicklung creates Austria’s largest company for the settlement of financial transactions.

On 18 November, BA-CA becomes a member of UniCredit Group.


 BA-CA completes sale of Croatian subsidiary Splitska banka.

BA-CA completes the merger of the two Romanian banking subsidiaries HVB Bank Romania and Banca Tiriac to create HVB Tiriac Bank.

In October, the integration in UniCredit Group's divisional structure is completed.

Capital Invest becomes Pioneer Investments Austria in November.



HVB sells its 77.53 per cent shareholding in BA-CA to UniCredit against payment of € 109.81 per share. UniCredit now holds 94.98 per cent of BA-CA's share capital.

HVB transfers its banking units in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and its majority shareholding in IMB to BA-CA.

First rebranding projects completed in CEE: HVB Bank Hungary, HVB Serbia and HVB Bank Latvia become "UniCredit Bank".

The Annual General Meeting of BA-CA AG passes a resolution on the squeeze-out.

5 July: BA-CA decides to acquire a 94.20% shareholding interest in Ukrainian Ukrsotsbank (USB); acquisition finalised on 21 January 2008.

UniCredit Group with new brand strategy: "UniCredit Group" master brand.

30 October: Further step to bundle all Markets & Investment Banking activities: merger of CA IB Corporate Finance GmbH into CA IB International Markets AG, which was renamed UniCredit CAIB in November.

13 November: Acquisition of ATF Bank in Kazakhstan completed.


Bank Austria Creditanstalt finalizes the acquisition of a majority stake in Ukrsotsbank

"Bank Austria" is new brand name of Austria's largest bank.

Opening of the Bank Austria Historical Archive, the first publicly accessible bank archive in Austria.

Bank Austria squeeze-out registered at the Commercial Court of Vienna.

Legal name changed from Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG to UniCredit Bank Austria AG.


Private Banking at Bank Austria is launched on 1 October 2009 through the integration of Bank Privat AG in Bank Austria.

Willibald Cernko takes over as CEO of Bank Austria, Erich Hampel becomes deputy chairman of Bank Austria’s Supervisory Board


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