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The new brand idea "Life is full of ups and downs. We’re there for both", comes directly from our Real-Life Banking brand positioning and our mission to deliver tangible solutions for all our clients and customers.

Behind the idea is the central thought that we need our clients and customers to trust us. Of course a large part of this comes from the relationships we hold with them and the rational products and services we create and deliver. In communications though, we have the opportunity to really tap into people’s emotions. The way we can help build trust through communications is by being honest and also demonstrating empathy.

"Life is full of ups and downs. We‘re there for both." is the verbal expression that demonstrates this empathy but also reassures the reader with our role in supporting people through life’s unpredictability, challenges and opportunities.

We ask ourselves what it means to be side by side with our clients for all of life’s ups and downs and we recognize that we have a responsibility to be a partner for our clients as they grow both at home and abroad.

At UniCredit we understand the importance of small and medium sized companies. Helping them to expand into new foreign markets represents an opportunity to re-launch the economy and is something of which we can be proud.  Because we are an international Group with strong local roots, it is our mission is to help local communities grow and to support them in their quest to create new business opportunities.

We understand international markets because our branch network covers 22 countries and we have local offices in more than 50 countries.  We support our clients in all phases of their international expansion: from the initiation of local bank accounts to the protections they need to assure a sound commercial foundation.

Our new advertising campaign and television commercial, based on a young female entrepreneur, currently being aired in Italy, Germany and Austria, represents our commitment to supporting small and medium sized companies as they navigate the ups and downs of everyday business.

Welcome to UniCredit.