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Health management

Employee health service


Bank Austria's Center of Health and Safety has already been caring for our employees' health for many years and has thus become part of the corporate culture.

Three Center of Health and Safety sites in Vienna and cooperation agreements with the Austrian provinces ensure that services are available to employees throughout Austria.

Our health centre's range of services covers key medical assistance and prevention, as well as promoting physical fitness:

  • Drop-in service run by practising doctors and specialists with training in psychology, industrial and social medicine.
  • Ophthalmological, orthopaedic and physiotherapy specialists
  • Physiotherapy centre
  • Fitness center
  • Advice and treatment for all employees by practitioners specialising in industrial medicine, health and safety at work and industrial psychology.
  • Various work-related measurements, such as air quality, drinking water quality, airborne bacteria, etc.

In addition these services are backed up by what are known as "Selective Campaigns", such as health checks, psychological counselling after muggings or when employees are in stressful situations and regular workplace inspections.

Permanent quality assurance and cooperation with national and international medical bodies means our employees can rely on state-of-the-art provision in the Center of Health and Safety.

Bank Austria's health management and the preventative aspects of its services have an all-round positive impact on our employees' motivation, enthusiasm and energy, which benefits both our company and our customers.