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The mentoring scheme gives employees with great potential the opportunity to benefit from established colleagues' store of wisdom and experience for one year.

At the heart of the systematic and strategically focused scheme lies further improvement in personal and professional development opportunities, especially for women. One of the most important objectives is long-term integration.

During one-to-one discussions, mentors take care to encourage "their" mentees, give them support and offer them help with decisions.

It is particularly pleasing that we have twice won "Mentora", awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Health and Women, for special commitment to the field of women's business mentoring. In 2006 Bank Austria achieved third place and won in 2004.

We also perceive the mentoring scheme to be a diversity management tool. It's not just the participants who benefit from learning about positive differences – Bank Austria benefits from insights into human diversity also.

 Mentoring programme principles