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Work and leisure

Life inside and outside the Bank


One of the great challenges of our times is work-life balance, i.e. the individual balance between professional and private life.

Bank Austria provides its employees with conditions for better reconciliation of family and career.

As far as we are concerned, flexible working hours and child-care offers are just as much a part of this as special leisure facilities for employees.

Flexible working models

Bank Austria has expressly committed itself to part-time working as a forward-looking option for structuring work. In our opinion, part-time employees have exactly the same rights as full-time employees, and naturally this applies to all pay entitlements, as well as to training and development opportunities, and promotion.

We aim to integrate families and careers, whilst at the same time retaining our employees' potential for the company, even when they have young families.

Child care

Both the company's own nurseries in Vienna provide children with the best of care. Opening times are geared to the needs of Bank Austria employees, and children are cared for by Wiener Kinderfreunde employees.

In the holidays there are special offers such as sports courses (tennis and swimming lessons) at the Bank's own sports grounds or computer courses in the Bank's own holiday hotels.

Leisure facilities

All employees and their dependents have the use of our sports grounds in Vienna and our holiday homes in the Austrian provinces, where they get the chance to relax and recuperate, ready to meet the increasing demands made on them.