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Disability management

"We intend to act as a leader not only in terms of our results but also when it comes to our social competence and treating people with respect."

Willibald Cernko, CEO of Bank Austria     

Mutual respect, openness and the recognition and appreciation of differences are an integral part of the corporate culture at Bank Austria and UniCredit. On the basis of this, we endeavour to view differences not as a disadvantage but as something to be acknowledged and appreciated. At the same time, we do everything in our power to tap the full potential of this diversity and individuality.

Through our disability management, we support and encourage long-term awareness raising and sensitisation towards the special needs of people with disabilities, and we implement targeted measures to facilitate their daily work and cooperation with us as a bank.

What we offer for people with disabilities:

Barrier-free access to our branches and central buildings for our employees and customers: Barrier-free access is a standard element in the planning of all newly built branches. Handicapped access is also being implemented gradually in our existing branches and all central buildings. We intend to have completely barrier-free branches in all parts of Austria by 2016 at the latest.

Facilitating dealings with the Bank: As part of a pilot project, we are testing various possibilities for making it easier for people with disabilities to carry out their dealings with the Bank. The experiences we gain should provide us with insight into which measures are best received by our customers.

Raising awareness and sensitisation towards the topic of "people with disabilities" through discussions, seminars and in product development, alleviating fears, and taking the needs of people with disabilities into account in the Bank’s daily operations.

Forming a pool of employees who have a command of techniques for communicating with the disabled, such as sign language and Braille.

Maintaining contact and cooperating with other companies, ministries and organisations for the disabled.

Still have questions regarding disability management at Bank Austria?

Erwin Schauer, the Disability Manager at UniCredit Group in Austria would be happy to assist you via telephone: +43(0)5 05 05-55069, or e-mail: erwin.schauer@unicreditgroup.at.