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European Works Council and UniCredit

Joint declaration regarding equal opportunities and non-discrimination

On 14 May 2009, the UniCredit European Works Council (UEWC) and the management of UniCredit signed the joint declaration regarding "Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination".
In this joint declaration, general guidelines are specified for UniCredit and definitions are provided for the terms diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination – concepts which form the basis for the entire corporate culture.

The text is based on the philosophy and principles of corporate social responsibility and the values laid down in the UniCredit Integrity Charter. UniCredit has long made a priority of corporate social responsibility and has made investments accordingly, and the values in the Integrity Charter serve as an essential guide for employees in their day-to-day work.

In addition, this document takes into account the general standards specified in the joint declaration of EU social partners on the topic of "Employment and social matters in the European banking sector: a few aspects regarding CSR".
As an internationally positioned company, UniCredit has a history of mergers and acquisitions, and the company has risen to the challenges of the resulting demographic and social upheavals. It has recognised the importance of adapting to the conditions on the rapidly changing labour market and in its social environment as well as the significance of active participation in all economic sectors.

For this reason, the Group has made the deliberate decision to take the plurality of society into account in order to profit from the opportunities arising as a result of new global developments. To achieve stronger economic growth and gain a competitive edge, the Group focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction and providing top-notch services as well as generally creating long-term value for our employees and stakeholders in connection with our express aim to understand their expectations and needs.