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Aspects of diversity

Bank Austria takes account of the broad spectrum of diversity in all its forms:

Bank Austria's way of promoting and utilising differing gender-specific skills through equal opportunities for women and men (equality management) is exemplary. We create the framework that takes account of the high proportion of women in the company and increasingly utilises the potential of qualified women.

In an age of globalisation, holding people of different origins, nationalities or religious beliefs, with their diverse customs and practices and their own languages, in esteem must be a foregone conclusion. Friendly and cooperative behaviour between all Bank Austria employees is an important feature of corporate culture.

The contrasts between young and old should not be seen as a negative conflict, but as a positive friction, and dialogue between the generations that is indispensable to progress and continued development. The demographic trend and medical advances show us that regard for the "aged" is becoming increasingly important (as far as customers are concerned too).

Healthy employees are important capital for a company. Bank Austria thus makes some treatment and support provision available via various offers and facilities. We also regard it as our duty, though, to take into account people with various handicaps, to promote their talents and abilities, and to utilise them to best effect for the company.

We create appropriate framework conditions and specify concrete measures for dealing with the disabled, without losing sight of the customer's point of view.

Nowadays people live in many different ways – they are married or live with partners, with or without children, in big families or alone, or even in same sex relationships. Each gives rise to different expectations and needs, on the part of the company, its customers, and on the part of employees.

Consideration and tolerance are required to suit the personal/family life situation in question, but there is also a need for the right strategy in order to deploy on behalf of Bank Austria and to the mutual benefit of all concerned the human strengths and abilities created by the situation.