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Developing management expertise

We are firmly convinced that a leading company should also expect outstanding management qualities.

Within the Group, UniManagement in Turin functions as the Training and Development Center for the whole group. Its role is to develop innovative strategies for promoting and implementing management skills.

Our vision for strength of management and increasing management expertise is reflected in the following three architectures:

  • the "physical architecture" and the Development Center working environment are construed to offer as many opportunities for collaboration and learning as possible. Not only is this environment innovative and adaptable; it also challenges every area of human intellect and this facilitates processing and application of knowledge and information in real time.
  • The "content architecture" reflects the nature of the future challenges facing our organisation – the intention is that management expertise should be developed by overcoming specific challenges and genuine problem situations.
  • The "process architecture" is based on the very latest results of research into how people learn and groups work, based on our corporate culture and our values. UniManagement was instituted in order to offer our employees schemes and experiences based on transparency, trust, reciprocity, freedom, respect and fairness.

In order to meet the demands for innovative learning and management concepts, UniManagement has developed its own training and leadership programme, with the assistance of leading experts and personalities throughout the world.