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Development and training

The key to our success


Our employees are the key to our success, which is why we vigorously promote your continuing professional development and offer you numerous opportunities for regular development and purposeful application of your skills.

Only if we invest in our employees will we be able to face the challenges presented by an increasingly complex market, thus ensuring sustained long-term growth.

Our strategy for investing in our employees is based on three pillars:

  • promoting and developing our Group identity in accordance with the fundamental values enshrined in our Integrity Charter;
  • promoting and developing leadership qualities as a result of our
     "Executive Development Plan" and strengthening of our core expertise;
  • promoting an informal method of working by forming relationship networks, in which employees can exchange best practice, expertise and know-how.

These three cornerstones reflect how very seriously we take our employees' professional development and wellbeing.

But we have a higher objective: we are absolutely determined to make our Group one of the most innovative forces in the European banking sector.

The Joint Declaration on "Training, Learning and Professional Development" defines UniCredit's guidelines and principles that are meant to be a support for all the Employees and a point of reference for all strategies, activities and initiatives in the field of training, learning and professional development.

 European Works Council

 Joint Declaration on "Training, Learning and Professional Development"