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How To Apply

Tips for first-time (and experienced) job seekers

Being well prepared is half the work! It increases your chances of a successful application and gives you the opportunity to get to know us better as an employer.

  • Find out information about us beforehand: Visit us at a  career fair or browse through our website. Write down any questions you have so that you can ask them at your interview.
  • Read the job advertisement carefully and think about why the job is right for you. What appeals to you in particular about this job?
  • Think about your strengths and skills. What are the areas where you could use some improvement? What challenges have you successfully overcome during your studies, in previous jobs or in your extracurricular activities?
  • Convince us with your personality at your interview. Present your skills and qualifications in a confident manner. Sell us on your CV and your past experience.
  • And most importantly: Be authentic!

You can find all of the information regarding the new online application process  here.