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Selection methods

Careful selection procedure

We aim to find the best applicant for the position in question. We conduct a careful selection procedure so that you and we can be sure that you are taking on a role that meets your expectations and matches your qualifications.

We may use various selection methods.

Interview: the interview is the selection method most frequently used by Bank Austria, with the aim of analysing your curriculum vitae on the one hand, and gaining as much information about the applicant as possible on the other. In addition to checking your professional qualifications, during the interview we place great emphasis on familiarising ourselves with the applicant's personality and soft skills.

Assessment Center: the Assessment Center is a one-day event at a Viennese hotel. The objective is to select future participants in our trainee programme. Applicants are observed by Bank Austria executives as they complete various realistic exercises and at the end of the day they receive detailed feedback and information as to whether they have been accepted onto the trainee programme.

Sales pitch: the sales pitch is used for applicants for customer service positions. In this exercise the applicant can prove his or her sales abilities together with sales executives and representatives from Human Resources.

Test: the applicant's analytical and linguistic abilities are tested by computer.