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Plus Leasing Solutions

First class full-service leasing

Are you planning to set up a new production facility in Slovakia? Do you have plans to modernize your plants in Hungary? Do you need a larger fleet of cars for your growing business in Croatia?

Plus Leasing Solutions are the ideal solutions for any company looking for fast, uncomplicated financing. The need to raise large amounts of cash quickly for asset acquisition arises especially when a company is planning to expand or invest. Plus Investment Leasing eliminates this expense. You also benefit from other advantages of leasing, i.e. off-balance financing, customs duties and import tax, cash flow or shorter depreciation periods.Leasing is an appealing financing alternative with respect to Basel II, too, because it has tax benefits, does not affect the balance sheet and is geared to your needs.

Do you want to increase your chances for selling production machinery, technical equipment, vehicles or other capital goods? Under a Plus Vendor Lease, we enable you as a dealer or a supplier to offer your customers financing right along with your products. You set down the basic terms and conditions in advance with our advisors, who then assure you the quick, efficient handling of subsequent individual agreements.

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