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BusinessLine NEWS

Here you find the latest information concerning our BusinessLine:


From now on the new version of BusinessLine is ready for download under www.baebank.at/eb (username: ba password: ba). See also the Link “Baebank” in the side menu.

Please follow the instructions on our download page www.baebank.at/eb.

BusinessLine contains the following amendments:

  • Payments – IBAN with invalid check digit
    You get a warning after entering an invalid IBAN
  • Payments – IBAN only
    Starting with Feb 1st, 2016 it is no longer necessary to enter a BIC in a SEPA Credit transfer, the indication of the beneficiary’s IBAN will be sufficient.
  • Payments – TAX transfer
    If you enter an IBAN of an Austrian tax office in the SEPA credit transfer screen, a warning will occur during saving because the payments to the tax office have to be entered with the special tax transfer screen.
    All current tax types are included.
  • Payment transfers – free format import
    From now on a designated record control number can be imported with the free format import.
  • Record administration
    If you try to delete a record with a status that indicates that the record is already transmitted to the bank server you will be asked to revoke the record at the bank server first. This functionality should avoid double transmission and double execution of your record.
  • Record administration
    From now on you will be able to dissolve several imported records in one single step. You will only have to confirm one single inquiry instead of an inquiry at each record dissolution.
  • Record administration – signature with cardTAN
    Records already “presented for signing” which have to be signed collectively can also be saved only with one signature -> status “1st signature”
    The required 2nd signature can be entered later.
  • Record administration – signature
    If a collective signing is required, “authorisee 2” may sign before “authorisee 1”. The sequence order (Authorisee 1 signs before authorisee 2) is no longer relevant.
  • Data transmission
    As of now the data encryption at the set-up of the connection is executed with TLS instead of SSL. This change was necessary in order to eliminate a theoretical security risk with SSL encryption. The adjustment from SSL to TLS will be executed automatically after the first login.
  • General
    At all entry masks with the menu item “delete fields” also the key combination <STRG>+D can be used.
  • PDF account statements
    From now on the pdf account statements can also be displayed directly in BusinessLine. You only have to activate the option “connect pdf data files with account statements” under the menu “eKA query packages (pdf)”.
  • “Fixed transfer routes” – signature with mobileTAN
    The list for the fixed transfer routes can also be signed with mobileTAN.

Already contained in BusinessLine (with several ServicePacks):

  • Payments – Intercompany transfers (fixed transfer routes)
    As of now you will be able to use the function of the intercompany transfer (fixed transfer routes) also for the entering of SEPA transfers and the tax transfers.
  • Payments – Tax transfer
    If you enter an IBAN of an Austrian tax office in the SEPA transfer screen, a warning will occur during saving because the payments to the tax office have to be entered with the special tax transfer screen.
  • Payments – Tax tranfer
    New tax type „UM“. In addition new possibility to indicate the date at the tax type „EL“
  • Payments
    XML data carriers with credit transfers according to Rulebook 7 can also be forwarded to different bank servers.
  • Data transmission
    As of now the data encryption at the set-up of the connection is executed with TLS instead of SSL. This change was necessary in order to eliminate a theoretical security risk with SSL encryption. The adjustment from SSL to TLS will be executed automatically after the first login.
  • IBAN
    The IBAN will be displayed in all screens in blocks of 4 characters for better reading (e.g. AT67 1200 0006 9726 2806).
  • CardTAN
    The signing method CardTAN is enabled for you. Bank Austria supports this method from 2015, June 1st!
  • Payments
    Upload of XML-records according to German rulebooks possible. During the data transmission the namespace is replaced by the Austrian one.
  • Payments – Pooled change
    The function „Pooled Change“ enables the change of the remittance info up to a maximum of 140 characters.
  • Payments – Discount payments
    From now on you are able to combine more discount payments within on credit transfer. The information is optimized by BusinessLine.
  • Payments – List entry
    The manual data entry directly in the transaction list is now possible for SEPA credit transfers (SCT), SEPA urgent transfers (URG) and SEPA direct debits (SDD).
  • Payments – Record administration/Record archive
    For better differentiation we display at record level the respective rulebook version.
  • Payments – SEPA-urgent transfer
    From now on you are able to order SEPA-urgent transfers in all EURO countries. This service is available with your Bank Austria account.
  • Account information – Export
    Account information in the format Camt053 can be exported in one single export file too. The export in a directory still works.
  • Account information – Display of booking text
    Several amendments in the transaction list and in the receipt data
  • F/X rates
    From now on you are able to receive rates for information only too (marked with “I”). These rates are also used for calculation.
  • Support of the new standard MBS 6.0
  • Adjustments of payment forms
  • Changes in query packages
    - Account query packages (XML formats)
    - Return data packages (XML formats)
    - Return data packages (SWIFT and EDIFACT formats)
  • Changes in the menu Extras – Options – Application
  • Display of account information (based on XML formats)
    - Format account statement number
    - Content transaction details
  • Adjustment of the Navigator
  • Changes in the standard format import 
    - XML data files according to Rulebook 2 to Rulebook 6 can be imported and revised
    - EDIFACT data files may only be forwarded under certain conditions (please contact your Electronic Banking adviser)
  • Changes to the free format import (field adjustments according to XML formats)
  • Special function for mandating salary payments (special service of Bank Austria!)

Criteria for changing to MBS 6.0

  • Your remitter accounts per bank server have to include IBAN and BIC
  • The management of records may not include records with an open status (formed, adopted, first signature,…)
  • You can set the desired standard per bank server (Menu System data – Bank server – Select bank server – Change bank server)

Changes to the creation of orders

  • With MBS 6.0 the old order forms (domestic transfer, direct debit/preauthorised payment) are no longer available. You will instead find the new order forms in the menu Order processing – Payment transactions or via the respective buttons on the Navigator (various SEPA forms and international order).
  • Please note that with SEPA payment orders a payment reference (enabling the beneficiary to identify and allocate the payment) or a reason for payment can now be entered.

Changes in the account query packages

If you already use account query packages, these will partly be changed with the update of MBS 6.0. If you already exported the requested data (account statements = MT940, transactions updated on a daily basis = MT942, receipt data) for further processing, you will find these query packages in the menu System data – Return data packages (EDIFACT/SWIFT). The previous return data packages for CREMUL/DEBMUL can also be found there.

If necessary, you can create further account query packages in the menu System data – Account query packages for the new XML formats (Camt053 replaces MT940, Camt052 replaces MT942).
The query packages for eKA (account statements in pdf format) and eAT (electronic accompanying ticket) remain unchanged.

Special service of Bank Austria for salary payments

You can now transmit your salary payments with the desired value date for the beneficiary in XML format to Bank Austria (please contact your Electronic Banking adviser for details).

The new version of BusinessLine SP4 (see "Link") is now available for download (user name: ba / password: ba).

The additional module BusinessCash (Version was also adapted for BusinessLine Please contact your Electronic Banking adviser or our ServiceLine at +43 (0)5 0505 26200 if you have any further questions.

Update to MBS 6.0 (BusinessLine

Dear BusinessLine user,

changes in the area Electronic Banking (e.g. SEPA payment transactions, format adaptions, encryption methods, signature methods,…) caused permanent adaptions of the Electronic Banking standard (MultiBankStandard, MBS) and therefore also of the software BusinessLine in the last years.

Now it is essential that all users switch to the updated MultiBankStandard MBS 6.0.

Precondition of the switch is the version BusinessLine SP4!

If you still use an elder version, it will be absolutely necessary to execute the update. The current version will be at your disposal to be downloaded under www.baebank.at/eb (User: ba Password:

If you use already the version, an update to the most current ServicePack 4 is sufficient. This will be available for download under www.baebank.at/sp

Kindly follow the instructions on the respective download page.

BusinessLine versions elder than version 8 will no longer be supported from Sept., 1st, 2015.

All innovations will be available from MBS 6.0 (see separat BusinessLine NEWS article).

After successful installation of BusinessLine incl. ServicePack 4 you only have to switch from data format MBS 5.1 to MBS 6.0 in the menu “System data – Bank server”. Mark the bank server which has to be adapted and click on the tab “CHANGE bank server”. Here you will be able to switch to MBS 6.0 via the selection list in the field “Data format”.

Please consider that the switch can only be executed successfully if no records for this bank server are contained in the record administration. Furthermore, all remitter accounts have to be switched to IBAN. An instruction for the switch can be found adjoining for download.

Information concerning the changeover to SEPA

As of 1 August 2014, all payment transactions in euro within the Single Euro Payments Area will be converted to SEPA payment transactions. The use of IBAN – and abroad also the BIC – will be mandatory as of this date. This means that the account number and routing code have to be replaced by IBAN and BIC also for domestic transfers and direct debits. Therefore please do not forget to obtain the IBAN of your customers, business partners and employees in time. Your relationship manager at Bank Austria will support you with the conversion of your standard data.

Please also consider that in line with the EU Regulation 260/2012, storage media to order SEPA transactions may only be used with the respective SEPA procedure and XML formats (APC ISO20022) from 1 August 2014. Further details are available here. If you have further questions, please contact your relationship manager or our hotline 05 05 05 26400.

You are therefore strongly advised to update your BusinessLine to the latest version to support the new formats. Communication with the Electronic Banking server of Bank Austria will no longer be possible with a version less than 7.6 from September 2014. The version is available here for download (user name: ba / password: ba).

Moreover, your previous systems (accounting system) must be adjusted to deliver these new formats.

Please ensure that you give yourself enough time to comply with legal requirements before the changeover on 1 August 2014 so that you have an adequate time buffer for the test phase.

Information on the account statement in the MT940 format

If you are already processing account statements in the MT940/942 format in your accounting system, please consider that the display of separately booked SEPA transactions changed as of 29 October 2012.

These transactions were previously displayed like domestic transactions, but these transactions have been assigned separate transaction codes since the accounting entry date 29 October 2012. In the case of SEPA transactions Field 61/Subfield 7 and Field 86 are displayed in a more specific manner.

Field 61/Subfield 7 will be allocated so-called identifiers (abbreviators):

EREF+ … for SEPA credits (indicates the payment reference)
MREF+ …for SEPA direct debits (indicates the mandate reference)
KREF+ … for the remitter of the payments (indicates the record control number)

Field 86 contains additional SEPA-specific transaction codes, including:

105… SEPA direct debit (single booking debit side, B2C business to consumer)
109… SEPA direct debit (debit side; return debit)
116… SEPA transfer (single booking debit side)
159… SEPA transfer return booking (credit side)
166… SEPA transfer (single booking credit side)

Starting with Subfield 20 you will moreover find the reference which corresponds to the identifier in the Field 61/Subfield 7,e.g.:

:86:166~Gutschrift~1008515~20EREF+here is the payment~21sreferenz...

All details are available in the official Austrian MT940 Documentation of STUZZA (Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im österreichischen Zahlungsverkehr – Association for Cooperation in Payment Transfers).

If you have any further questions please contact your Electronic Banking advisor or our ServiceLine: + 43 (0)5 0505 26200

In case of further questions please contact our ServiceLine: